Supervisor Training

To qualify for the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Supervisor Course, Diving Supervisors for IMCA or DCBC first must be:

  • certified as Surface Supplied divers with minimum 3 years documented working experience and 200 completed logged dives
  • have least 50 documented supervisor logs (as an assistant or ADCI supervisor)
  • In addition, they will need to show their knowledge of Diving Physics & Physiology, Leadership, Regulatory Practices, Equipment Management, Emergency and Hazard Analysis, and Dynamic Positioning Vessels by passing course assessments
  • Logs and additional application documentation (current certs) must be submitted ahead of time to verify qualifications for the course

Please Note: The DCBC Supervisor Course at DIT is currently able to be offered online with a minimum of 4 participants.

Employers and individuals seeking a DCBC Supervisor Course including these required topics for working divers applying for IMCA or DCBC Supervisor cards may contact the Training Department at DIT for training options and information.