Commercial Diver

Become a Commercial Diver in 7 Months

Join the thrilling commercial diving industry and get your start with Divers Institute of Technology. Our intensive, 7-month Commercial Diver program will test your limits, push you, and train you in various aspects of the industry. 

With more than 50 years of experience, DIT has a stellar reputation in the diving industry world-wide. Our instructors take periodic leave to refresh their skills by actively working jobs within the industry, giving our students up-to-date training.

Our curriculum will teach you underwater welding, burning, hydraulics, deep dives to 165 feet in open water, rigging, salvage, and so much more.

Check out all the certifications you’ll receive upon graduation from DIT. DIT was the first U.S. dive school to offer international certification!

Get real-world experience in the Pacific Northwest! Located in Seattle, WA, DIT’s program prepares students for the expectations of the commercial diving industry and how to succeed there. Focusing on team success, students develop skills in leadership and support roles, performance management, and involved decision-making.

You’re just seven months away from a new career! Get started today by filling out a form. Our admissions team will contact you to start the enrollment process. Already convinced and ready to start?! Apply now.

“My job is dope! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel all over the US and be on several “once in a lifetime” jobs. So far in my career I have been able to work on the largest salvage in US history, pulling a train engine out of a river, building a 3-mile-long bridge, inspecting the largest dry dock in the US and now I am helping to build a submarine dry dock to house the US Navy’s largest class submarine. I have also been doing a ton of underwater welding and burning. It’s crazy the paths that life can take you on.” 

-Uriah Jollie 101-19


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