Career Planning

“I still draw upon my experiences at D.I.T, when handling the duties of my position as Executive Director of the Association of Diving Contractors International. There are many outstanding Dive Schools throughout the U.S. and abroad, but my decision to attend Divers Institute of Technology is one that I will never regret.”

– Phil Newsum
Executive Director at Association of Diving Contractors International

Commercial Diving, Underwater Welding Jobs

Divers Institute of Technology is committed to producing qualified professionals for the commercial diving industry. We’ll work with you to make sure your career stays on course.

Job Placement

Career planning at Divers Institute begins early. Students benefit from resume assistance, mock interviews, and interview preparation all targeted specifically at what diving employers are looking for. We also help students understand the importance of budgeting and life planning for long term career success, and guidance regarding various companies and career opportunities. Students are taught to view their time at DIT not as preparation for a career, but as the beginning of the career itself.

Recruiter Visits

Recruiters from inland and offshore dive companies visit DIT year-round, providing students with networking opportunities and a chance to have their questions answered. In their last month of the commercial dive program, students will meet with our Executive Director, John Paul Johnston, to talk about their chosen direction and availability in the industry. References are available from the Executive Director and DIT Instructors.

Continued Assistance

We are committed to keeping alumni safe and working. If alumni encounter difficulties in the field, have trouble finding work, or are asked to do anything on the job that makes them uncomfortable in any way, they are strongly encouraged to contact DIT’s Executive Director, John Paul Johnston, here.

Alumni may also take advantage of DIT’s Refresher Courses to stay current on regulations and technology, and to prepare for career changes within the industry.